Innovative and flexible online engagement tools to connect with local carers and support them in their valuable roles.

Offering carers better routes to information, so that council teams, carers support services and adult social care can use the tools they have to support self-assessment and planning in an open and accessible way.

Local Carers Register

As a valuable database of all local carers, the tool provides councils with a communication module for targeted campaigns and local carers newsletters, and can be used as a register for the Carers Emergency Card or local discount card. An engaging tool which signposts carers to targeted and helpful resources, it can also prompt carers for GP registration and emergency and contingency planning.

Carer's Wellbeing Planner

Many carers will receive a full assessment of their needs but will fail to meet local criteria for a Carer’s Personal Budget or Carer’s specific service. A large proportion will be signposted to community resources and universal services to support them in their roles.

Our Carer’s Wellbeing Planner offers a simple and engaging experience for carers, allowing them to quickly access targeted information and services without the need for a full Care Act compliant assessment. Carers can build their own personalised Wellbeing Plan – setting their own goals – and incorporate relevant information and resources to support them in their caring roles.

Carers Self-Assessment and Resource Allocation System (RAS)

Our Care Act compliant solution offers an optional Resource Allocation System (RAS) for equitable and defensible personal budgets. Developed in collaboration with the Plain English Campaign, it offers an accessible, intuitive and fully-mobile journey through the process.

According to Carers UK:

"Many carers do not live with the person for whom they care. The time spent by carers in arranging, managing and co-ordinating care can be significant. Digital and online services have the potential to improve carers' lives and those of the people they care for. "

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Stockton Borough Council to increase support for carers with new digital hub


Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Digital hub offers information, advice and local services to support carers.

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