30 Hours – Early Years Provider Hub

The Early Years Provider Hub brings local childcare providers and your Council Early Years team into a single shared digital space and makes it a breeze to manage the flow of information between you, including funding claims for the new 30 hours entitlement.

As of early January the Department for Education (DfE) is open to receive applications from Local Authorities for funding to assist with the introduction of 30 Hours.  LAs have until 31st January to get applications in and the DfE are encouraging you to send them in as soon as possible so they can offer feedback and maximise your chances of getting the funding.  So now is the time to act!

All through January, Open Objects are running phone meetings and on-site demonstrations of our 30 Hours solution.  We are also providing help in completing the DfE application forms to help you obtain your share of the IT funding.  Please complete the form below for more information and to arrange for a quick consultation.


More about the 30 Hours – Early Years Provider Hub

It’s a fully integrated and new generation digital solution which places Providers at the centre so they can engage with your team in a user friendly way via their laptop, tablet or smartphone device.  No more clunky back office add-ons, dodgy spreadsheets or insecure emails – instead a secure end-to-end process that supports headcount, instant validation of new pupil eligibility, the making and handling of funding claims and validation and a full range of other essential Early Years interactions all through a single frontdoor;

  • 30 hours eligibility validation and automatic re-checking
  • 2, 3 and 4 year old funding claims handling
  • Manages split funding across partnered childcare providers
  • Integrates with your council payment system
  • Historical record of claims and other submissions for auditing
  • Reminder workflows and alerts
  • Integrated pupil register for each provider
  • Built-in processes for easy completion of the Early Years Census and ongoing sufficiency reporting
  • Early Years Foundation Stage Pupil Progress Tracking
  • Secure document exchange
  • Use on any device – laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Fully hosted, nothing to install, get working quickly

It is a completely new workspace for you and your providers.  It doesn’t matter what other back office systems or finance systems you use, the Hub will transform the way your providers engage with you and the information you collect via the Hub can also be shared securely with those other systems.

For more information please download our product brochure, or email us enquiries@openobjects.com or call on +44 1223 422200.