Carers’ Hub

It is estimated that the value of the informal care provided by carers across the UK is now in excess of £132 billion a year. Despite being an important piece of legislation for carers, the implementation of the Care Act is in many ways, failing carers. The introduction of structured eligibility assessments in isolation is not enough, and a far broader approach to support carers is needed. Having a specific digital strategy is essential for engaging carers and achieving channel shift, in the context of shrinking local authority resources.

Our solution
Our Carers’ Hub is a one-stop resource hub for carers, bringing key information, advice and carers’ services into one, easily accessible place. It empowers carers by giving them 24-hour online access to the information they need, and allows them to choose how they interact with the local authority.

Empowering Carers and Achieving Channel Shift

The duties placed on local authorities by the Care Act introduced new legal rights for carers to be recognised for their caring roles and supported when needed. However, it is clear that through the development of universal care services in local areas, many carers may not benefit from a full assessment of their needs.

Our Carers’ Hub puts the carer in the driving seat and provides intuitive access to resources, without always having to go through an assessment first. Where appropriate, a full accessible online self-assessment is available that can be completed independently or with support from professionals, partner organisations and or friends and family.

The Carers’ Hub delivers:

  • A tailored website, specifically for carers
  • A customised directory of carer specific resources (information, advice and services)
  • Local carers register
  • Carers Wellbeing Planning tool
  • Care Act compliant self-assessment
  • Email and text alerts
  • Reporting and analysis tool

Download the Carers’ Hub brochure to find out more.

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