Carer’s Hub

The Carer’s Hub is a one-stop resource hub for carers. It offers an end to end self-serve process empowering carers to engage with the Local Authority in the way that they choose.

Carers save Local Authorities hundreds of thousands of pounds each year by providing care and support to their family and friends free of charge – they deserve our support. Local Authorities have always reached out to informal carers to offer support and information, and now the Care Act 2014 has introduced a new legal duty on them to assess and provide support.

Whilst the Act rightly puts carer’s rights in line with service users, the estimated increase in the number of assessments and support plans Local Authorities will need to facilitate is likely to add significant pressure on already stretched care management resources. The Carer’s Hub provides a one-stop resource hub for informal carers to self-serve as well as a lightweight carers workflow system for local authorities or their outsourced partners to manage carer activity.

Key components of the Carer’s Hub include:-

  • Customised directory of carer specific resources
  • Local carers register. Carer’s emergency card/local discount card application
  • Carer’s Wellbeing Choices signposting tool
  • Carers self- assessment and assessment request
  • Carers support plan
  • Carers support plan review
  • Email and text alerts
  • Reporting and analysis too

The self serve functionality can be used independently, not only by carers but also by front door council teams, carers support services or adult social care, to support carers with self assessment and support planning in an open, transparent and accessible way.

Download the Carers Hub brochure to find out more.

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