Families, Children & Young People

The market leading platform for Family Information Services and Early Years teams.

FIS Hub provides a fresh take on the business of managing Childcare and Early Years information and brokerage, and the broader duty to provide families with reliable and easy access to services, advice and guidance relevant to them.

Over 60 UK local authorities use FIS Hub as the cornerstone of their web presence, their self-service portal and their telephone brokerage service for families and early years.

The platform includes;

  • FIS website – a mobile responsive Family Services Directory, Advice and Guidance website with a self-service portal.
  • Evince DS – managing Ofsted registered Childcare information.
  • Contacts Log – managing inbound and outbound contacts and brokerage activities.
  • Workforce Development – tracking of childcare employment and qualifications.
  • Courses and Bookings – managing workforce training.
  • User Accounts – sign-in protected accounts for secure self-service interactions with the FIS and Early Years team, including information updates by providers, online submission of annual returns by providers, secure ‘practitioner only’ access to information etc.
  • Reports Manager – flexible reporting on all types of information held on the FIS Hub.
  • Broadcast email and SMS/text messaging – to communicate easily with your users.
  • Open API and record sharing capability – easily share information held on FIS Hub with other applications across your organisation and for multi-agency access.

In addition to the above, the core FIS and Early Years platform is easily extended to make use of the wide range of additional functions and options available from Open Objects Application Store.

Moving to FIS Hub from your current system is easy – we will help you migrate your data into the FIS Hub with no hassle and unlock a more powerful world of information management and self-service for your users.

To find out why so many local authorities now use FIS Hub and for a free online demonstration please email us at enquiries@openobjects.com or call us on +44 1223 422200.  We’d love to hear from you.