Social Care Marketplace

Getting your core Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) hub right is the most important step for Councils, Health bodies and Joint Commissioning bodies wanting to stimulate the provision of local services.  The cultural shift from centralised provision of services, to choice and control led by service users starts by empowering users with free access to wide-ranging information and service providers with a local focus point to explain their offerings and service options.

This is not about a retail experience – we see it as Local Authorities shaping and influencing a level-playing field in a vibrant market both locally and regionally for care and health services.

Please speak to us about how our marketplace extension modules can you give you instant coverage – build out from your IAG platform – and meet the needs of your service users, practitioners, advisers and providers without turning you into an online shop.

Product Showroom – this module lists equipment and products to meet a wide variety of mobility and daily living needs. Your users can browse and search for and compare products with an added option to buy direct from the retailers. There are thousands of products available which have been automatically pulled together from the catalogues of national, regional and local product providers. As owners of the site you have complete control over which products appear within your Showroom and how listings are served to your users.

Personal Assistant Network (PA Network) – an online network for service users looking to employ a personal assistant, and also for personal assistants to find care work.  Service users can place an advert describing their needs and the type of care pattern they are looking for.  Personal assistants post a short summary of their qualifications, previous experience and the type of hours and work that they are seeking.  The PA Network is a very effective way to promote the market for personal care services locally.  The Network provides options for direct contact or mediated contact between interested parties, whichever mode best suits your chosen operating model.

For all enquiries  –  email: or call +44 1223 422200. We’d love to hear from you.