Online Personal Budget Manager

The Online Personal Budget Manager (OPBM) takes existing thinking about the handling of personal budgets and turns it on it’s head. It puts choice and control right at the centre for service users of all ages and abilities via a secure and simple mobile-friendly payment method.

The Adult Social Care Choice Framework clearly sets out that the responsibility sits with local authorities to offer individuals a choice about the services that are right for them whilst being paid for by the Local Authority. Once a Care Plan has been approved and the Local Authority has agreed to pay through a Personal Budget, the challenge is; How to manage the Budget? Ensuring transactions are dealt with in an environment that is fully secure and in a real time audit trail; safeguarding spend in the most efficient and administratively low cost way.

We have taken a new approach to this challenge by developing an online personal budget manager (OPBM) that offers a payment model that is rooted in the real world interactions between budget holders and their providers. The OPBM substantially resolves issues of fraud, credit control and audit, whilst providing very low cost of operation (typically 20% of the cost of pre-paid cards) and giving real choice and control to budget holders.

For Citizens

  • Choice and control over payments
  • Simple approval process for expenditure
  • Easy to track budget
  • Optional standing orders

For Service and Product Providers

  • Easy sign up and receipt of payments
  • Ready marketplace with funds flowing through it
  • Fair, competitive marketplace for providers of all sizes

For the Local Authority

  • Instantly set up new accounts – no charge, completed in minutes
  • Comprehensive, transaction level reporting with bank charges as low as 15 pence per transaction
  • Cuts down fraud or misuse of budgets
  • Light touch intervention, leaving full control with the personal budget holder

For more information on Personal Budget Manager or to arrange a demonstration please email or call us on +44 1223 422200.  We’d love to hear from you.