Wellbeing and Self-Assessment

The Wellbeing and Self-Assessment module provides Care Act compliant screening, assessment and signposting tools for your website. The tools address the separate needs of Adults with care needs and also informal Carer’s providing unpaid care for others.

The module offers personalised signposting across the entire mix of local care, health and community based services. Users can generate their own self-service plans, assess their own eligibility for support offerings and engage directly with local providers – all online and driven from your Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) resources.

Throughout the process, the online assessment tools are structured for best practice under the new regulations of the Care Act 2014. The tools help local Authorities assist high volumes of individuals with needs and carers to self-serve using Care Act compliant eligibility checking, assessment and signposting tools on your website.

This module has been designed to support local authorities to meet their duty to provide effective information and advice and to offer interactive self service solutions to adults with needs as well as informal carers.

The Wellbeing and Self-Assessment module can be licensed for use as a whole or as separate elements;

Adults Eligibility Screening and Personalised Signposting – Based on the FACE V7 Social Screen tool, we have developed an intelligent interactive tool for adults to quickly and anonymously establish their likelihood of eligibility for care and support from a local authority. This quick tool covers the ten eligible Care Act domains as well as some high level financial screening questions. The user is presented with a result of likelihood for eligibility for care and support along with whether or not they are likely to have to pay for some or all of the support they need.

The results information also provides the user with the ability to directly access information, advice and support services linked to their identified eligible needs, this uses the content from the authorities Service Directory.  The user has the opportunity to make a referral into the council to request a full social care needs assessment.

This simple tool provides effective information to users as to whether they are likely to benefit from a full social care assessment so that they can decide whether to engage with social services or not.

Carer’s Self Assessment RAS and Personalised Signposting – Local authorities have a new legal duty to provide a carer’s assessment to anyone requesting one or to anyone that appears to need support. Our Carer’s Self-Assessment application embeds the FACE V7 Carer’s assessment into an intuitive online platform allowing carers to self assess and consider the impact of their caring role. The assessment can be linked to the FACE Carer’s Resource allocation system to fairly and consistently calculate carer’s personal budgets based on the Care Act’s eligibility criteria.  The app provides carers with the opportunity to self assess in their own time on mobile or via a desktop computer, and to submit it to a local authority for consideration in their own time.

Wellbeing Choices and Self-Service Planning Tool – Supporting people to take control and manage their own personal health and wellbeing is a preventative approach that is at the heart of health and social care transformation. We have developed a tool which allows individuals on their own or with support to identify certain goals to improve their life in whatever way is important to them. A range of personalised information, services, events and products  are suggested as solutions to achieving their goals.

This can be taken a step further to generate a Wellbeing Plan- a tailored short list of  services, support, events or information, produced into a useful document with time frames to monitor and measure against.

Read our Adult Social Care Screening Tool brochure for more information.

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