5th September 2016

EHC: a new digital approach – Hampshire County Council joins the programme.

Open Objects is proud to announce that Hampshire County Council is the latest council to sign up for the Open Objects’ EHC Hub.

We have been working in close consultation wtih both Stoke on Trent City Council and Hampshire County Council over the summer developing and shaping the platform. The new digital Hub offers a simple and innovative approach to managing EHC cases for Local Authorities and a transparent and engaging hub for young people and their families.

From simple, multi-agency working to collaborative EHC planning with families, the Hub unlocks significant business process efficiencies and is designed to work in conjunction with your existing Health, Education and Social Care systems and online Local Offer.

The new EHC Hub captures all of the advantages of a brand new digital approach – allowing everyone involved to have their say in a secure and convenient way through their mobile, tablet and other digital devices. It keeps each EHC process on track and everyone fully informed and automatically notified throughout for more positive and collaborative EHC outcomes.

To find out more about our EHC Hub, please contact your Open Objects account manager or contact us directly;

tel: 01223 422200
email: enquiries@openobjects.com

We will also be exhibiting and talking about our new Hub at the Special Educational Needs conference in London on September 26th 2016, so do come and say “Hello!”.