19th November 2015

The Carers Hub launches on National Carers Day 2015

As the leaders in the provision of digital services across Health & Social Care, Open Objects are at the forefront of self-serve innovation in support of the Care Act 2014 and to coincide with National Carers Day on Friday 20th November, we are pleased to launch The Carers Hub.

There are an estimated 6.5 million carers in England and Wales providing informal care worth in excess of £138 billion. In an environment of ever-increasing pressures on local authority resources, a robust digital self-serve platform is vital in supporting the current network of carers as well as supporting the estimated 2.6 million additional carers expected over the next few years[1].

We have developed a one-stop resource hub for carers that offers an intuitive end to end self-serve process, empowering carers to engage with their Local Authority in the way that they choose.”, says Chris Evans Health and Social Care Product Manager at Open Objects.   “The hub is an inclusive platform designed to support Adult carers, Young carers and Parent carers to access information, advice and services as well as offering full self-assessment and support planning functionality.

The Carers Hub meets three distinct business requirements:-

  1. An end to end self-serve portal for carers to self–assess and access carer specific information advice and services.
  2. A carer’s workflow management system for partner organisations working on behalf of local authorities to assess and support carers (whilst offering local authorities direct access for data analysis and reporting).
  3. A platform for local authorities to offer mobile supported self-assessment and support planning.

To find out more about how you can benefit from The Carers Hub please contact Matt Bearman matt.bearman@openobjects.com 01223 422 194

[1] Carers UK /www.carersuk.org