Data Sharing, Aggregation & Syndication

Open Objects has the tools to enable you to move your data and information around securely to wherever it needs to be.  It also provides unparalleled ability to pull data from remote sources, so you can quickly assemble powerful data collections without fuss and with minimum update resources required.

Options include;

Data Sharing and Syndication Portal – a shared membership-only space where you can subcribe to information, advice and guidance feeds that will instantly enrich your IAG hub.  Pulling content from here into your own website is a simple ‘point and click’ operation.  The content keeps itself up to date by referring automatically back to the original source and pulling through any changes.  The Portal includes thousands of pages of health and care related content from high quality and trusted providers including NHS Choices and DisabledGo.

Solving the cross-boundary search problem – enables neighbouring authorities to share information by a simple ‘point and click’ process. The public can search and find services within your area but also across the boundary into neighbours. An invaluable tool for joined up and regionalised working between authorities of all types.

Atelus Data Harvester – a clever data harvesting and transformation tool that can pinpoint and retrieve specific information and data from online sources, internal sources and all forms of structured API feeds. Atelus data harvesting agents can bring together sets of data from across your organisation, and from the open internet, that would be difficult to achieve in any other way.

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