Datastore – Information Management

The Datastore information management system is at the core of every Open Objects implementation.  It is a super-versatile database that enables almost any type of data and information record type to be set-up and managed within the system.

Rapid Prototypes
Datastore has been designed to facilitate rapid prototyping so we can work with you to build data and information management models that are tested against your business requirements at all stages of development.  This agile approach means that you can get results quickly, and build a database that has been tested extensively with real data throughout all stages of its creation.

We understand that requirements evolve during the life-cycle of any system, that is why we have built so much versatility in to the Datastore.  As new requirements emerge or new insights or relationships between data become key to business outcomes, we can flex your Datatores to adapt to the new environment.

Administration and Control
Each Datastore comes with its own ready built web-based administration console for you to use.  With just a few hours of training you can take full control of your data and information records, manage updates, additions, deletions , relationships between records and management reporting.  Also with every Datastore there is a standard REST API available, so the information your hold is share-able with other applications.

To talk to us about your data and information management requirement – email: or call +44 1223 422200.