Search and Browse

Open Objects Search and Browse supplies a powerful search engine for your project. The search engine means you can take advantage of any structure associated with the information in your Datastore to provide your users with everything from simple search through to advanced parametric and faceted search. Search forms are easily constructed using drop down menus, combo boxes and tabs etc. so that your users can find relevant information easily and precisely.

Search with filters

It provides the ability to pre-filter results, so in a single search it is easy to focus results according to any general or personalised criteria (such as ‘events’, ‘during the month of March’, ‘within 20 miles of Lincoln’, for ‘families’ featuring ‘any sport’).  Users can quickly change course by adding or removing search filters, to really help with finding exactly what they want.

Geospatial Search

Geospatial search limits results based upon the users geographical location (for example from their mobilephone or entered directly when searching. Results from the geospatial search can also be represented dynamically on maps, for example from your own GIS system, Google maps or other map services.

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