Self-Service Apps and Forms

Open Objects offers a wide range of self-service and intelligent-form based applications that can be simply dropped into your website.  We want your users to become empowered to do things for themselves.  Whether public users, practitioners or providers they should be able to engage in a ‘light touch’ fashion via your online presences without having to call or drop in.  We will help you to make it easy for them.

All of our apps are designed to encompass an entire front-to-back process and then link up with existing systems. We all know that there are things happening in the back office that could be done much more effectively online by directly involving the user. So these applications are aimed at the sweet spot where you will get maximum savings and impact from adjusting your process and in a way that will assist the gradual transformation of your service.

All data captured by our front-facing applications are held in specially configured Datastores (which you control) and we always provide you with secure API’s so that information can be passed through to your back office applications, where so much investment is already in place. We see it as a smart way to front-load your processes, derive the benefit from user’s natural preference to self-serve and blend the new with the established.

For more information about apps that can transform your interactions with the public, providers and practitioners please contact us; –  email: or call +44 1223 422200. We’d love to hear from you.