Websites and Widgets

The public facing side of your Open Objects platform is rich in tools that enable you to run fully content managed websites driven with the data and information from your Datastores. We will set you up to take full control via simple to use and non-technical admin interfaces.

You can also choose from a range of ready-built widgets which allow you to easily embed data-rich panels and inserts into your existing websites, including your corporate website and the websites of your partner organisations or collaborators.  There is no limit to the reach that you can achieve or your ability to seamlessly present information from your platform however, wherever and whenever you need it.

Built for you by us – we offer a project managed service to build you Hub websites which make full use of your Open Objects information platform. Most customers operate at least one website (if not several) in this way and take advantage of our highly responsive client services and technical support teams to stay at the front of the pack.

Embeddable widgets – our range of search and content widgets gives the option to simply embed Open Objects functions directly into your existing websites. Anything from a simple search widget to fully graphical and interactive content browsing can be placed ‘in context’ within your site, so users can access the information stores within Open Objects. Whatever you need – if we don’t have it already, then we can surely create it, just ask.

‘Roll your own’ – if you feel like writing your own website or widgets to use data from your Open Objects platform then we provide standard REST API’s that will give you everything you need to make your project a success.

For all enquiries  –  email: or call +44 1223 422200. We’d love to hear from you.