Website and Portal Search

Open Objects’ managed search service provides a high performance search engine specifically tailored for your website. It is widely used by corporates and UK central government organisations, from large Whitehall departments through to smaller agencies. The service provides a wide range of tools to ensure efficient sign-posting of users through the website; including

  • simple and advanced search
  • search single websites or multiple related websites
  • recommended links and in-context sign-posting messages
  • automatic IPSV categorisation and subject browse links
  • integrated search and A-Z functions
  • tabbed search results and search by document type
  • user feedback mechanisms including search tag clouds
  • ‘deep search’ of online databases fully integrated with website search

The search scales to meet any level of demand, providing consistently fast and accurate results. It is cost effective, easily set-up and is compatible with any content management system (CMS). The search tool on your website is too important a point of access to leave to chance. Open Objects’ managed search service is tuneable in variety of ways so you can provide balanced returns to your users. It ensures you can accentuate the key pages and start points within your website so users are signposted down the best possible routes through your content.

For further information about using managed search on your website, please email us at or call us on +44 1223 422200.

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